1. Will this repair void my warranty?

A: Unfortunately when you drop your phone and break something, your apple warranty will be void.

2. Do you have mobile offices available in different parts of Australia?

A: At present, unfortunately we are only located on the Sunshine Coast. However, we are always looking at expanding and welcome franchise enquiries. If you are interested please email [email protected]

3. How can we be sure about the quality of your work?

A: iMend iPhones are so confident in the high quality of our workmanship that we offer a 12 month warranty on all repairs*. The Smart phone repair industry is filled with ‘cowboy’ inexperienced repairers overcharging for bad quality work. With our technicians and their extensive experience in the industry iMend Phones have the expertise and know-how to repair your phone back to the same state as it came from the Manufacturers Factory, using the same genuine parts where possibly.

4. I have purchased a digitiser elsewhere, can you fit it for me?

A: Many of the called ‘genuine’ digitisers available in online shopping sites such as eBay for around $30 are often terrible quality. We prefer not to fit these screens as they cause issue with the sensors underneath the glass such as brightness issues and incorrect proximity sensing. In some cases, these screens may not fit correctly, or may be too large for the frame, increasing the risk of future breakage. We can assist in the fitting of these screens at your insistence, however, we may decline warranty relating to the aforementioned issues.

5. Australia Post won’t let me send my phone by Express Post! What do I do?

A: Australia Post has a policy against sending devices with Lithium Ion Batters by air (Express Post). The iPhone does not have this type of battery. It has a Lithium Polymer battery. You can get around this by simply purchasing the bags over the counter and placing your package directly into an Express Post Bin.

7. What is the difference between the Postage Methods?

A: We prefer Express Post Platinum because of the peace of mind it offers our customers. Some customers may feel anxious about sending their phones in the mail, but any concerns can be put at rest with the tracking system and signature receipt provided with Express Post Platinum. Please do not send your phone in the paper Express Post envelopes as the paper envelopes are intended for documents and rip quite easily.