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iPad Repairs

As the global frontrunner in top-of-the-line technology, it’s little wonder that Apple also makes amazing tablets, namely the internationally renowned iPad range. Its sleekness and versatility have long captivated lovers of high-end tech as well as fans of beautiful, intricate design.

From the latest iPad Air to the timeless iPad Pro 11 – if you are lucky enough to own an iPad, it probably goes everywhere you go!

Apple tech is known for durability, but what if the worst happens and your iPad sustains damage of some kind? Whether it’s water damage, broken screens or simply a mysterious lack of sound, problems with your precious iPad can be devastating.

Never fear! There’s a simple solution, in the form of iMend Phones because our professional technicians are just as adept at fixing your broken iPads as they are your iPhones.

We can quickly fix any issue pertaining to any model iPad. All you need to do is get in touch by phoning us at 1300 046 363 or requesting a quote online. Better yet, visit us in store, and we’ll sort you out in no time.

Screen Repairs

One of the most amazing things about your iPad is the screen. In fact, iPads are basically 100% screen. So, it stands to reason that, should your screen break, your mood is going to break with it.

Fear not though, we’ve been improving moods on the Sunshine Coast for many years. If your iPad screen is scratched, cracked, or broken – iMend can fix it. And don’t worry – we only use high-quality parts that come with a 12-month iMend guarantee.

Battery Replacement

Did your iPad battery run out on you? Simply awful. If only there were some signs!

Well, actually there are. Here are some of the symptoms of a battery that’s about to do a runner:

• Your iPad won’t switch on
• Your iPad won’t charge fully
• Your iPad stops charging at a certain percentage
• Your iPad battery life is much shorter
• Your iPad won’t charge

iPad batteries, like those of a phone, have a lifespan that ticks down each time you charge. The more charge cycles under its belt, the more likely you are to experience the problems above.

Of course, the best way to get over an iPad battery is to find a new one and lucky, as far as iPad repairs go, this is as easy and affordable as it gets.

iMend has a wide range of high-quality parts, ensuring you’ll get the replacement of your dreams. And not to mention the added bonus of a 12-month iMend guarantee.

Charging Issues

Is there anything more draining than iPad charging issues? Aside from lame jokes, of course. But seriously, a flat iPad is a pain – especially since they usually boast all-day battery lives.

iMend can sort your iPad’s charging issues out in no time. We only use top-quality parts that come with a 12-month iMend guarantee, so your baby is in good hands.

Speaker Issues

Sure, you’re hearing, but are you really listening? Actually, are you hearing? If not, your iPad may have some speaker issues. Especially if you’re having the following problems:

• Distorted sound
• Faint sound
• Sound cutting in and out
• Loudspeaker not working
• Ear speaker not working

Listen up, because there is a solution: iMend’s team of iPad experts! We can fix any speaker issue on a variety of iPad models, and all our repairs are done with high-quality parts that come with a 12-month iMend guarantee.

Camera Repairs

Are your selfies coming out hideous? It’s not (necessarily) your face. Sadly, it might be your iPad camera. That’s a big shame since most iPad cameras are equipped with Quad-LED dual-tone flash, HDR and face detection capabilities, meaning all your pics should be on point.

But don’t fret. If your iPad camera isn’t working the way you want it to, simply get in touch with iMend. We’ll take a look at the lens, the camera parts and even if the issue might be software related.

We can repair camera issues on all iPad models, using only high-quality parts that come with a 12-month iMend guarantee.

Button Repairs

iPads typically get a lot of good press. However, if your iPad’s buttons are broken or unresponsive, then you’re not getting any press at all.

Okay, that was terrible. Luckily, you can’t send us any critique, since your iPad buttons are broken.

Hey, you know iMend can fix that quickly and cost-effectively, right? And that they’ll use high-quality parts that come with a 12-month iMend guarantee? Just saying.

Water Damage Repairs

Apple is known for its innovations – the iPad itself is a testament to this. However, even the iGenuises haven’t quite perfected their submarine iPad design just yet.

While your new iPhone may be water-resistant, your new iPad (at least at the time of writing) is not. Even if it was, water-resistant does NOT mean waterproof.

So, even though your iPad is durable, it should under no circumstances, go for a dip.

If your iPad did get wet, then don’t panic. Do this instead:

1. Go to iMend NOW. We can do a basic check FREE of charge at the front desk without opening your iPad.
2. In the meantime, power it off and leave it in a dry place.
3. Don’t plug your iPad into the charger and resist the urge to turn it back on until we can take a look at it.
4. Seriously – go to iMend now. The sooner we see your iPad, the higher the chance of a full recovery.

And don’t worry – we use only high-quality parts that come with a 12-month iMend guarantee. Visit us in the iMend store, phone us at 1300 046 363 or request a quote online.